Douglas Ferguson

Doug Ferguson is an experienced executive advisor, accomplished Board Director, recognized expert in strategy and organizational design, and acknowledged thought leader in the corporate governance, leadership development, and innovation communities. Over the past 35 years, Doug has advised numerous CEOs, boards and management teams on strategic growth, including how to develop and commercialize technology to achieve long term growth. He also has deep management experience, having worked with manufacturing, high tech, financial, healthcare, aerospace and professional services firms develop, and implement, detailed operating plans and performance management systems.

Doug is currently on the Board of Directors of Galvion, where he serves as the Lead Director. Galvion, a Montreal based privately held company is a global leader in the manufacture of protective head gear for soldiers. Doug also serves on the Innovation Advisory Board for MyHealthMath, a provider of decision support optimization services for health care plan selection for employee and employers.
In 2007 joined Hay Group as a Senior Client Partner. In that role, Doug worked with leading international banking, software, manufacturing and retail organizations to renovate corporate organizational structures –both at the C-Suite and for operating divisions. As part of these initiatives Doug often advised Boards and incumbent CEOs about succession planning and provided transition advisory services. After Hay Group was acquired by Korn Ferry in 2015 Doug remained to assist with integration and to develop a broad based
organizational advisory practice.

Prior to 2007, Doug founded and lead Gunnison Partners. Gunnison provided innovation management guidance to packaged food companies, telecommunications and software companies. In particular, he helped develop joint venture and partnering alliances for product and market development.

Doug’s board experience includes: Member of the Board and Compensation Committee for Centra Software(NASDAQ: CTRA), and former Member of the Board and Member of the Audit Committee for Saba Software
(NASDAQ: SABA). As a Board Member at Centra Doug hired a new CEO and assisted in the sale of Centra
Software to Saba Software.

Earlier in his career, Doug was a partner with The Planning Technologies Group, an advisory firm which used modeling and communications tools to optimize senior management decision making. The Planning Technologies Group was sold in 1999 to NextEra, a rollup of professional services funded by Mike Milken and Larry Ellison. Doug helped lead the company’s high technology practice. NextEra went public in 2000. Prior to NextEra, Doug lead operations as the General Manager for Lotus Development in East Asia, where
he restructured distribution, launched localized versions of Lotus Notes, and built national management teams. During the 1980s Doug worked at McKinsey & Co.’s New York office where he served global aerospace, telecommunications and financial services companies.

Doug earned his BA (Economics and Political Science) from Yale University and studied for his M.A.L.D from The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy (Tufts University)

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