A warm thank you to Bruce and Anne Leavitt for opening their home on Tuesday 1/31 for a great kick-off dinner for Team Heart’s 2017 trip to Rwanda. It was a wonderful evening filled with many stories of past trips to Kigali for this life-saving mission and much advice to those of us who have not been yet.

I am ecstatic to be going and to be a part of this amazing group of dedicated medical professionals! As someone who got into the medical field later in life, this opportunity to help others is a dream come true and to be going with Team Heart is even more amazing. I had heard about the trip for a few years and knew now was the time to go for it. After connecting with Ceeya last spring, the pieces started to fall into place. I have heard the phrase “life changing” so many times in association with Team Heart and Rwanda and I don’t doubt for a minute that it will be true for me as well!

Thank you again to the Leavitt’s for hosting a lovely event and to everyone who is making this trip a reality for so many patients and their families. A special thanks as well to Judy Sgantas for the great picture!

Karen Lucas, UVM

Team Heart Stepdown, 2017