Dirksen J. Lehman

Dirksen J. Lehman has been corporate vice president, public affairs, since June 2013. He joined the
company in 2007 as vice president of government affairs, and later added responsibility for global health
economics and reimbursement. In his current role, Lehman continues to oversee these functions and
also has responsibility for global communications, corporate branding, corporate medical affairs, global
corporate giving, and patient engagement. Prior to joining Edwards, he was head of the healthcare
practice at Clark & Weinstock, a government affairs and crisis management consulting firm in
Washington, D.C. Lehman has also served in The White House as special assistant to the president for
legislative affairs, and health counsel for the majority on the U.S. Senate Committee on Health,
Education, Labor and Pensions. He serves as treasurer of the board of directors for the California Life
Sciences Association, and is a member of the board of directors for Team Heart and St. John’s Episcopal
School. Lehman received his undergraduate degree from Millersville University of Pennsylvania and his
law degree from Catholic University of America.

After I returned from Rwanda, each time I passed my to do list, my pencil hovered to cross off Rwanda–I could not do it. Rwanda was not finished.

I am thankful to Team Heart for saving my life and allow me to return to my studies energetically and it does me proud to be studying public health

Rwanda can eradicate rheumatic heart disease in a generation-it is an achievable goal

I consider being a part of Team Heart to be the biggest achievement in my nursing career, and one of the best parts of my life!