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Hope For A New Day

Donate: Choose How Your Donation Helps

Helping Hands, Healthy Hearts

Support For Rwanda’s Most Vulnerable Following Cardiac Surgery

Building Patient Futures and Supporting their Healthcare

A Coloring Book – Prevention and Awareness of Rheumatic Heart Disease


Team Work Makes the Dream Work

Helping Rwanda Build a Cardiac Center for the Future


General Support


Become a Sponsor

Are you interested in targeting a specific cardiac care need? Consider sponsoring:

  • A patient in need.
  • A professional medical travel volunteer.
  • A corporate giving program at work or where you live.
  • Or another option you would like to propose?


Are you excited by the prospect of visiting a place and situation that could reshape your perception of the world? We are looking for clinical volunteers to travel with us to Rwanda to do lifesaving work. The impact you’ll have will build memories that will last a lifetime and make the type of difference that provides a lifetime.
Whatever role you play, it will be both personally rewarding and beneficial to Team Heart.
Not everyone can travel with us but partners and support here at home is absolutely needed. Could you help Team Heart by sharing your resources at home? If so, you might:

  • Volunteer to pack medical and other supplies for those traveling.
  • Host an event to publicize and raise funds for Team Heart.
  • Staff an information booth in a hospital or at a local festival.
  • Use your creativity to devise other ways to call attention to Team Heart’s work.

As you can see, we offer many ways for you to help our cause. So, whether you’re able to give financially or with a bit of your time and effort, there is definitely a way you can join us in reaching our goals.


Thank you for making a difference with the shopping you do every day!


Whether it’s shopping for daily essentials like groceries, buying furniture for your home office, or even booking your next trip, the ShopRaise app lets you shop for your cause. Now you can turn your everyday shopping into support for your favorite cause all at no additional cost to you.
It’s easy and free! Simply get the app, shop your stores and raise money for Team Heart.