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Team Heart is thrilled to partner with the University of Rwanda School of Nursing and Midwifery, Rwanda HRH, and partners to develop a Nurse Specialization Program with a focus on improving education for nurses delivering care for patients with cardiac disease in a variety of patient care settings. This program is essential for critical care, trauma, and perioperative nurses as it will provide them with the practical skills of diagnosis, disease management, and post-operative patient follow-up to ensure better patient outcomes.

The program will be a 12-month training didactic program that provides mentored educational and clinical experiences using a variety of educational processes for both remote and in-person activities. These will include hybrid seminar hours, clinical mentoring hours, and individual/group project work and presentations. The learning methods used include interdisciplinary rounds, conferences, self-learning modules, hands-on training, professional development project, and community/team project. Read more about this by clicking the link below.

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